We design and deliver IT Systems in PC network environment, successful projects include:

Online booking system

An essential system for medium to big size organizations to manage their facilities such as rooms, projectors and so on for daily business operations.

Online Shop system

Shopping carts and payment gateway to receive credit cards payment is mandatory for your successfully business, running on the Internet.

Document Management System

Track, manage, organize and store your digitized office document to reduce paper usage for environment friendliness and most importantly the cost and space reduction. Useful features include version control, account management, access control etc.

Mobile Apps

We design and deliver innovative Mobile Apps which have become an indispensable marketing channel.

It defines a new way of doing business and we will assist the business re-engineering process.

Useful features are push notification for news updates, event invitations etc.

Web Site Development

Website is a portal for potential customers to reach your company, your services and your products.

We are specialized to produce eye catching and theme oriented websites.

A content management system at the backend will facilitate the contents update process.

IT Consultation

It’s sometimes difficult to tell IT professionals what you want to do with your new IT system.

IT consultants play a key role to bridge between you and the IT team to ensure any gap is filled and requirements are understood, refined and tracked for business improvements.



Unique Key Limited is an IT company established in 2016 to provide innovative IT solutions and professional IT consulting services.

We focus on offering IT solutions to non-profit making and commercial customers and specialized in Web Content Management System (WCMS) and Custom-made Web-based Applications.

We tailor made our systems to meet customer needs and provide innovations to excel their expectations.


Our mission is to deliver excellent Total Quality IT solutions to our customers.

We strive for adopting the best practices in the IT industries, always listen to our customers and manage their expectations.

We also like to encourage the development of staff’s potential.







Flat 5, 8/F, Wah Lai Industrial Centre, 10-14 Kwei Tei Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T.